Area man says blood donors saved his life

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ARDMORE, OK-- The Oklahoma Blood institute said the demand for blood is greater in the summer than at any other time of year and that is why we are hosting our annual KXII All American blood drive.

Joe stout lives in Ardmore he said in 2003 there were complications during his triple bypass surgery.

"I needed blood and they went to give me 3 or 4 units of blood and without that I would not have survived so that literally saved my life" said Stout.

Stout, an avid blood donor said he now knows firsthand the importance of donating blood.

"I know there's times where you give blood and it does help somebody else but you just never know when the day comes when it's going to go into you , fortunately they had the blood to give me that day" said Stout.

Tessa Hawkins with the Oklahoma Blood Institute says 700 units of blood are needed daily to keep Oklahoma supplied and there is always a shortage of blood around summertime, especially before and after holidays when more accidents happen.

"Nobody donated blood on 4th of July we were all celebrating Independence day with our families so that was 700 units we didn't get to collect ,on top of the additional accidents that typically surround the holidays" said Hawkins.

Stout said now more than ever they need your help.

"If you even consider giving blood you should go out and give it, it helps so many people you know and like I said you never know the day when you are going to absolutely need it and if people aren't giving blood it may not be there" said Stout.

The final blood drives are taking place tomorrow at the Walgreens in Ardmore, Arbuckle Memorial Hospital in Sulphur and at the Stuteville Ford in Atoka

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