Arlington motorcycle officers ride through Texoma

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PARIS, TX - If you noticed more than a dozen motorcycle officers roaring through Paris Thursday, there's no need to worry. Arlington officers were in town for some special training.

"We ride side by side, tandem riding, we change positions, we practice changing lanes and we just do all of this so we can ride safer together when we are in Arlington enforcing traffic laws." said Arlington Police Sergeant Craig Leondike.

Sixteen motorcycle officers took part in this long distance training ride and they received a warm welcome from area residents. One man even passed out memorabilia and welcomed each officer to Paris.

"We're always looking and we actually have an officer in our unit that owns some property our here in Paris, Texas and we thought this would be a great location." said Leondike.

35-year motorcycle officer veteran, Dick Hill says training like this helps with their every day law enforcement in Arlington.

"It makes a lot of difference, as far as our safety goes and we've had pretty good luck and success with keeping our unit intact and not having a lot of accidents and injuries." said Hill.

The motorcycle officers train every month and do a long distance ride twice a year and this ride was a welcome change from their daily routine.

"We do a lot of escort stuff and traffic enforcement, we do a lot of escort stuff for the cowboys organization and also some for the Texas rangers." said Hill. "It helps us as far as being on our A game all the time."

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