Former police chief's arrest rocks Tom Bean

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TOM BEAN, TX-The city of Tom Bean was shaken after news of its former police chief's arrest. Thursday, Victoria Maranan sat down with city officials and colleagues who tell us more about the events that led to the arrest.

Tom Bean Police Chief John Hunt called for an internal investigation his first day as chief last October after allegations were made against his predecessor Michael Webster. He said after several months gathering evidence, the Grayson County District Attorney's Office turned the case over to the Texas Rangers leading to Webster's arrest.

"I hate that this happened to a police officer, this is a police officer who's been an officer for a while. His career's ruined because of it. It's not something any police officer should have to face," he said.

Chief Hunt, along with the Texas Rangers and Dallum County Sheriff's Deputies arrested former chief Webster at his Dalhart home Tuesday.
Webster faces three felony charges. He's accused of tasing one of his own officers last May and stealing and selling firearms from Tom Bean Police's evidence safe.

Hunt said it's disheartening that a fellow officer would do such a thing.

"He dishonored his badge, he dishonored himself, he dishonored his family and he dishonored this city, the citizens of this city, and his profession," he said.

Webster served as Tom Bean's Police Chief for 6 years. He resigned last October after fellow officers presented a "vote of no confidence" against him to city council.

Mayor Sherry Howard said those alleged incidents involving the former chief posed a dark cloud over the city of Tom Bean.

"At that time we thought we had the right people at the right place, but we did not," she said.

Public distrust was what Mayor Howard and Chief Hunt said resulted from the events surrounding former Police Chief Michael Webster. That's why now the investigation is over, they're working on regaining that trust.

"It's an uphill battle, but I think now with what we've been able to do, we do have the citizens trust," Hunt said.

"I regret what happened for the citizens for Tom Bean, but like I said, we're going forward," Howard said.

Webster got out of the Dallum County Jail, after posting $48,000 bond. Hunt said the Texas Rangers will be turning Webster's case over to the Grayson County District Attorney.

He said the officer, whom Webster allegedly tased, now works for a different agency and is doing okay.

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