Arrests spark anger in Saint Jo

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SAINT JO, TX -- A husband and wife who were arrested over the weekend say police officers went too far, and the physical and verbal abuse was caught on video. Now, they want three police officers punished.

A Saint Jo husband and his pregnant wife were arrested Sunday. They say they were treated unfairly and officers even choked and sat on the woman.

It was all caught on video, and city officials heard all about it from dozens of residents who want answers.

Jon Nunneley was taking his newly refurbished Jeep for a test ride down this road Sunday, when a Saint Jo police officer pulled him over.

"He was real rude. He sprinted up to my door. He didn't even wait till he got to me. He just started yelling for insurance and license and all of this other stuff," Jon Nunneley said.

Nunneley did not have a license plate on the Jeep. He admits having an attitude with the officer, and the chief--seen here in the yellow shirt-- because he did not think it was necessary for police to impound the Jeep.

"In a small town of population 900 you should be able to do that. Especially when you've got side-by-side golf carts and everything else driving what's the difference? There's no difference between that and my jeep. Those aren't street legal and neither is my jeep," Nunneley said.

Nunnley was arrested for failure to identify himself and resisting arrest. But then his wife Natalie, who shouted out a profanity, was asked to put her hands behind her back.

"And then he grabbed my arm as I'm trying to turn he puts me in a choke hold and tells me I'm under arrest again," Natalie Nunneley explained. "Another cop comes up and grabs my foot. evidently I had kicked him."

Natalie is 8 weeks pregnant and her young children witnessed this scene.

"My children thought their mom was going to die," she said.

Word of the incident got around Saint Jo, and dozens spoke out at the city council meeting.

"I did see the video. You saw the video, some of you. I'll agree with what y'all think I'm sure," concerned resident, Doyle Cook said.

Expressing their concerns with the way the local police handled things.

"I believe we have a lot of thieves and dope heads running the streets, and they're spending way too much time bothering people trying to do work and get things done in this world," Cook said.

The city council could not discuss the matter because it was not on their agenda. After an investigation, it will be put on the next meeting's agenda.

"I hope they can no longer be police officers. I hope that they can see that they can't treat people like they're animals," Natalie said.

We did give the Saint Jo police department the opportunity to comment. All Chief Billy Reynolds says is they believe both were valid arrests.

The Texas Rangers office is conducting their own investigation and we'll keep you updated.

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