Health officials nationwide seeing a rise in nicotine poisoning as e-cigarettes become more popular

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SHERMAN, TX -- According to the Texas Poison Control Network, there have been 175 reported cases of liquid nicotine ingestion from 2009-2014 in Texas.

Officials say many of the reported cases were seen in young children.

Dr. Al Cardenas says the smaller you are, the more harmful it can be.

"The dose even a teaspoon or a tablespoon of the liquid, if ingested, could have severe side effects based on the weight of the child as opposed to an adult who may be able to tolerate those side effects better," Cardenas said.

Cardenas says he hasn't treated any patients in the Emergency Room at Texas Health Presbyterian WNJ for nicotine poisoning, but side effects could include nausea, upset stomach, dry mouth, as well as a fast or irregular heart beat.

He says kids may be drawn to the liquid by it's sweet smell.

Co-owner of Texoma Vapors, Shelby Williams, says his business makes their own liquids at their shop and users can control how much nicotine, if any, they want in their "juice."

"We do add nicotine manually, and we do zero to 24 milligrams," Williams said.

He says they take extra precaution with their customers.

"The majority of the vapor shops, they do carry child proof bottles. It's just like on top of a pill container, you have to push down and twist," Williams said.

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