Atoka couple arrested for abusing 2 children

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ATOKA, OK -- An Atoka couple is behind bars after allegedly abusing two children.

Neighbors were shocked to hear that Ricky and Diana White were arrested for allegedly abusing two children.

Atoka Police Officer Keith Capps says the kids had bruises and other wounds on their bodies.

Officer Capps said, "The boys ran to a neighbor's house and called us from there. They didn't feel comfortable staying in the same neighborhood."

An affidavit states the children claimed Ricky White hit them repeatedly with a belt, threw rocks at them if they did not work hard enough outside, even shot one in the back with a bb gun.

They told officers they were made to go 2 days without water and one child was forced to drink hard liquor.

Capps says conditions inside the house were deplorable.

Capps said. "Insects, cockroaches covered their food in their kitchen . There was no gas running through the house to heat water. They did have water that had just been turned on and had the smell of animal feces. Just the nastiest living conditions."

Capps says Diana White faces two charges of child neglect, while Ricky White faces two charges of neglect and two charges of child abuse.

Capps says this isn't the first time Ricky White has been arrested for abuse.

Neighbor, Judith Turner, says the Whites need to be held accountable.

Turner said, "I love him to pieces but there is no excuse for child abuse. None at all and I've been an abused child so I am really against it."

Officer Capps says both Ricky and Diana are still behind bars.

He says they may also face additional charges of witness tampering.

Capps says the children are now in a safe home and are being checked on several times a week.