Attorney for City of Sherman responds to lawsuit against police department

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SHERMAN, TX -- The attorney representing the City of Sherman has filed a response to the lawsuit against the Sherman Police Department.

The attorney representing the city, Darrell Noga, filed a response *denying the allegations that officers had used excessive and deadly force in the death of Lesa Suratt back in August of 2013.

The lawsuit claims Surratt was arrested during a traffic stop.

It states a passenger observed Surratt remove a baggie containing a small amount of cocaine and swallow it.

The suit claims officers began hitting her and choking her with a flashlight to make her spit it out and tased her, a claim that the city denies.

City Attorney Brandon Shelby says they still stand by their original statement that officers did all they could to help save Surratt's life.

Shelby said, "In our answer we're denying any wrong doing on the part of the city or the officers involved. Of course not denying what happened was a tragedy because anytime someone loses their life it is a tragedy. We're just saying that we aren't responsible for that tragedy."

Shelby says now that the response is filed the attorneys for both parties will meet in a conference to determine a scheduling order then begin the discovery process.