Austin College celebrates homecoming with jet flyover

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Lieutenant Ross Jackson is a pilot with the US Navy and an Austin College alumnus. Last spring he started working on a plan to honor the military at his alma mater's homecoming football game.

"So fortunately the Navy was kind enough to let us use this asset to bring it on the road, to provide a good flyover for Austin College," he said.

Jackson flew over the field during the National Anthem.

"And as soon as he keyed the mic and we passed over, right at the end of the anthem I could hear the crowd cheering, and it made it a really fantastic experience for me," he said.

Director of Public Affairs Lynn Womble said homecoming is an exciting time to see the school's diverse alumni - such as the jet flyover.

"It's something I think we will already remember," she said. "We're so appreciative for the men and women who serve in the military. And especially Lieutenant Ross 'Jackpot' Jackson."

And the flyover was a first for the college.

"I was asking the tower supervisor, I think this might be the first ever flyover for Austin College," Jackson said. "I think it is. And hopefully it won't be the last either."

After leaving the college, Jackson landed at North Texas Regional Airport.

He said he had big plans to catch up with old friends, after making a grand entrance.

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