Austin College freshmen pack 10,000 bags of food for Honduras

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SHERMAN, TEXAS -- Hundreds of Austin College freshmen spent their first weekend of college packaging meals for people in need.

"We have resources that we can share, and so what we want to do is share those resources," Austin College Chaplain John Williams said.

These 350 freshmen are working with Send Hope to provide 10,000 meals to people in Honduras.

Williams says this event introduces students to Austin College's focus on service, and introduces them to one another.

"One of our interests for new students is just to get them comfortable with other new students and just have them informally talking to each other and meeting each other. What if we could do that and also end up with 10,000 meals that we could send to somebody that they've never met?" Williams said.

New roommates Anson Dipnarinesingh and Aaron Thomas say it's a great way to kick off the school year.

"Gives a good sense of like unity and community with our group; that we're actually like doing something to make a difference together," Dipnarinesingh said.

"This is one of the events that everyone will be here for and we all get to know each other and make a difference at the same time," Thomas said.

And they are making a difference: every bag of food provides six meals, each with more vitamins and nutrients than the daily recommendation.

"The bags are filled with rice, soy, dried vegetables and powder that is vitamins and minerals," Williams said.

Bags that are also fulfilling these students's first college experiences.

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