Austin College hosts party with hot air balloon

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SHERMAN, TX -- Thursday, an Austin College senior got to show off one of his hobbies with the rest of the campus.

Austin College seniors hosted a party tonight on campus for the entire student body with a live band, and a hot air balloon.

Senior, Truman Word, says he and his father are hot air balloon pilots and love to fly balloons all over the country.

Word and his crew blew up a balloon on campus tonight.

He says he wanted to give his fellow seniors a unique and memorable experience.

"We thought this was the best campus to fly off of and we've wanted to do it ever since I've been here," Word said. "You know senior year, graduation's probably the best time to do it. So we got permission and we're here on campus and I'm really excited."

Word says they plan on taking seniors who have already signed up on rides tomorrow morning.

If they have fuel left over, they will take as many people up as they can.

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