Authorities investigating unusual cattle deaths in Bryan County

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BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture and Bryan County Sheriff's Office say they are looking into the unusual deaths of two calves in the county.

Investigators say the calves deaths are suspicious and that someone killed them intentionally. The calves were found dead Monday morning in a pasture off Smiser Rd. just west of Calera.

Friday, investigators would not tell News 12 exactly how the cattle were killed, but did say their deaths were caused by injuries which were intricate and specific. They would not give any other details about those injuries, but said they were not caused by an animal.

Oklahoma Department of Agriculture Chief Agent Jerry Flowers says they are looking for whoever killed the livestock and are asking anyone with information to come forward.

"Once we can identify who that is, and or the reason why they did it then these people will be looking at felony charges for cruelty to animals, which of course is punishable by going to the state penitentiary," Flowers said.

If you are a livestock owner Flowers asks you to inspect your cattle if you find them dead and if there is anything unusual to contact the Department of Agriculture or the Sheriff's Office.