Authorities to reconstruct Calera fatal accident Thursday

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CALERA, OK -- This week Calera Police and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol are reconstructing an accident that killed a 13-year-old girl over the weekend.

A pink cross now sits on a light pole at the intersection of McKinley St. and Southbound 75 in Calera. Police say it is the site where 13-year-old Skyla Fisher, of Arlington, Texas, died.

Shane Sheffield says he saw the aftermath of the crash.

"The car was almost wrapped around that pole right there. The truck was over in the other lane," Sheffield said.

Around 10:30 Sunday morning Police say a pickup crashed into a white car at the intersection of Southbound 75 and North McKinley. Skyla's mother Kelly Spielman and 6-year-old brother Riley Spielman were critically injured. Authorities say after surgery Riley is listed in serious, but stable condition. No word on the mother's condition.

"They have a lot ahead of them and prayers are very much needed," Calera Police Chief Don Hyde said.

Thursday morning police say a debriefing meeting will be held for first responders of the tragic accident.

"Everybody that responded that day, we're going to meet with a couple local pastors of some area churches on Thursday at 8 a.m, and kind of get some things off our chest that we need to," Chief Hyde said.

Then Calera Police and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol will reconstruct the accident to try and figure out exactly what happened. Authorities have some witnesses but are asking anyone else who saw the crash to contact them.

"Every bit of information be it as small as it may seem is important," Chief Hyde said.

Calera Police Chief Don Hyde says this is the first fatal accident at this intersection they have had since stop lights were put up about four years ago, but he says the lights alone cannot prevent accidents.

"You can put up red traffic signals all day long. It's up to the driver to be responsible when he or she is behind the wheel, and you've just got to use caution," Chief Hyde said.

There has been a fund set up for the family of Skyla Fisher, her mother Kelly and her brother Riley.

To donate visit the link below.