The dangers of "bath salts"

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SHERMAN, TX-Local doctors said it seems "bath salts" have recently become the drug of choice for many young people. One doctor said most don't understand how dangerous the synthetic drug can be.
"Bath salts" are synthetic compounds that can be found in tobacco shops and truck stops. And, though doctors say the product is not manufactured for human consumption, they've seen a growing number of people ingesting the product.

The medical director from Texas Health Presbyterian -WNJ said they've seen their fair share of patients who've used the synthetic drug. He said "bath salts" make people feel invincible, leading to violent and psychotic behavior.

Dr. Al Cardenas said using "bath salts" extensively can lead to significant brain damage and even death.

"If you keep stimulating it so much, it will cause effects that appear to be superhuman. However if the patient survives, they will potentially have brain damage and muscle damage," he said.

Cardenas said "bath salts" can be ingested, injected or inhaled.
A report from the CDC said that "bath salts" have been banned by 30 state legislatures.

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