Historic Battle of the Axe tonight

SHERMAN & DENISON, TEXAS -- Sherman and Denison lacing em up again for the longest continuous high school rivalry in the state of Texas.

This rivalry means just as much to the communities as the players themselves.

The rivalry began in 1901 and except for a few times -- it's been played every year -- sometimes twice.

The rivalry took a negative turn in the 1930's and 40's with vandalism and property destruction.

That's when Denison businessman Jack Barker came up with idea of the axe in 1949.

It's been a symbol of good sportsmanship and excellence between the two schools ever since: win the game and hold the axe with bragging rights for a full year.

The rivalry between the current Bearcats and Yellowjackets is as intense today as it was in the past.

We spoke to some legends of the game about their battles.

We'll have more on First News tonight.

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