Bechtel Power donates $2,500 to Toys for Tots

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SHERMAN, TX -- Bechtel Power Corporation, the company building Panda Power Plant, donated $2,500 to Toys for Tots.

They presented the check Monday morning to Marine Corps League representative Don Medford.

"$2,500 is a wonderful donation," Medford said. "I was surprised, and tickled to death at the same time."

Rich Marl, Bechtel site manger, said the company likes to immerse themselves in the community.

"We felt this is something that we always like to do," Marl said. "To help be part of the community and help serve the community, and help people within this area."

Marl said employees really like the toys for tots mission.

"Their employees were given a choice of the charity they were going to support," Medford said. "They chose toys for tots."

Bechtel told employees if they meet 50,000 safe work hours, the company will support the charity of their choice.

Marl said employees continue to donate money and toys on their own, in addition to the company's donation.

"This is an outpouring of a lot of good things that are going on here. The guys were very very good, the guys and gals, and the contributions were much appreciated," he said.

Medford said the donation will help them fill in the gaps for age groups they're missing.

He said they're always happy to get monetary donations.

"Staff Sergeant Hadley is in charge of the office, he called me the other day, said he had a guy come in - [the guy said] he wished it could be more - he gave him four dollars," Medford said. "We were tickled to get four dollars."

Toys for Tots has around fifteen hundred toys, but they're still 10,000 toys short of their goal, with only a week to go.

You can donate at any of the locations listed on the link.

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