Bed Bugs jumping in numbers in Texoma

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DENISON, TX -- Cities nationwide are seeing an rise in bed bug cases and experts say they are creeping and crawling into Texoma as well. Earlier this month Terminix listed cities with the highest increase in bed bug activity within the past year and the Dallas/Fort Worth area made the list with a 25 percent increase.

By the thousands these creepy crawlers have been infesting homes, apartments and even hotels here in Texoma, that is according to Roy Reed -- owner of Reed's Exterminating Company.

"They get in everything, everywhere" Reed said.

Reed says the numbers have jumped this summer. He says he responds to at least one bed bug call nearly every week.

"Probably 25 percent. It's quiet a few more calls," Reed said.

Reed suspects he knows what is behind the boom in bugs.

"It's been attributed to travel, more world-wide travel. Products not like they were 40 or 50 years ago, different products getting immune to the things we have today. Lack of cleanliness," Reed said.

Hotels can be a hot spot for bed bugs with the high volume of travelers.

"We've been extremely lucky that we've never had a case of bed bugs at the Hampton Inn. However, we are extremely vigilant in checking for them to ensure the comfort and safety of all of our guests here," Bradley said.

Douglas Bradley -- with Hampton Inn and Suites in Denison -- says their cleaning service checks for the pests with a halogen flashlight behind the bed boards and in crevices of each mattress every time a guest checks out.

Reed says not all hotels take the same precautions.So if you need to know what to look for.

"They go to looking at their mattress they see the blood stains, they see fecal matter from the bed bugs," Reed said.

Another obvious sign you might have bed bugs are red bumps, from their bite, on your skin.

Reed says if you think you have bed bugs it is best to call an exterminator right away.

"A lot of people think, just start to carry their furniture out of the house. You are actually going to make your problem worse doing that. You're going to carry that infested furniture through your house, and possibly spread them when they're already contained in an area," Reed said.

If you are coming back from a trip Reed also reminds you to check your luggage carefully outside of the house before bringing it in. He says another preventative measure is to buy a bed bug protector for your mattress at a store or online.

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