Bells Fire Department gets new Jaws of Life

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BELLS, TX -- The Bells Fire Department now has a new set of lifesaving tools.

Firefighters say the city council approved buying the updated Jaws of Life.

Hurst representative Damon Stewart met with the fire department Monday evening and showed the first responders how to operate the Hurst tool.

Stewart says they're more efficient than older models and cut down on rescue time when seconds count.

Stewart said, "In the years past with vehicle extrication you had to remove a pump, hoses and the tools from the truck. Where now with the new technology, like they have here with the hydraulics they simply carry the tool to the vehicle, push the power button and start cutting. An average vehicle extrication cut is up to about 5 minutes normally. Now you can do it in a minute to a minute and a half."

The fire chief says they will have an active training session with the tools within the next couple of weeks.

He says they are looking for vehicles to practice on.

If you have a vehicle you would like to donate contact the Bells Fire Department.

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