Bells duplex fire leaves one man without home

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BELLS, TX -- It took several fire departments to put out the flames. Officials say one unit of the duplex is a total loss.

Richard Allen lives at this duplex on Jernigan Street. He says he doesn't know how the fire started, he's just thankful he made it out alive.

"All I know is I was watching TV, I looked down the hall and the deal went off," Allen said. "I opened the back door and the front door and it was real smoky going down the hallway."

Allen says he watched as crews from Bells, Tom Bean, Whitewright, Savoy, and Denison Fire worked to put out the flames at the duplex.

Bells Fire Chief, Jim Cockrill, says when they arrived on scene, Allen's apartment was fully engulfed in flames.

"We were paged out just a little after 1:30 on a structure fire," Cockrill said. "First units that responded on scene found it fully involved through the roof on the A-D side of the structure."

Cockrill says Allen's apartment is a total loss, and but there was no damage to the other unit in the duplex.

Allen says his biggest concern was for his dog, Sugar.

"Ya I was sure worried about that dog, and he was hiding under my bed. They're gonna take her to the bed and check her out," Allen said.

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