Bells family loses home in early morning fire

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BELLS, TEXAS -- "It was his dream home. He brought us down here, and it was just a pasture," Archie Reynolds said of his late grandfather.

Fifteen years ago, the Bolton family turned this land into a home for their grandparents.

"The family put their heart and soul in this," Reynolds said.

Elizabeth Bolton and her grandson were at the home Saturday night, when they smelled smoke from what they thought was an electrical fire.

Firefighters responded and turned off the main breaker.

But around 3 a.m., while the family was staying at a motel, the fire re-ignited, destroying the home.

"It hurts because we did lose it. Losing photos and losing things that some people, sometimes, take granted for," family member Tasha Bolton said.

They spent Thanksgivings and Christmases here.

"Anytime there's a holiday, we was here," Reynolds said.

Here sharing memories with their grandfather, who passed away this year.

Sunday, family members tore through the bricks and mortar they once put up, trying to salvage their grandfather's keepsakes.

"We have found, um, some of his knives, his collection of knives. Some of the handles are burned off but we still have the blades," Bolton said.

The Bolton family says they're hurting, but this coming together is what family is all about.

"It's hard, but we've got each other," Bolton said.

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