Bells gas station sells winning $40 million Powerball ticket

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BELLS, TEXAS -- Someone in Texoma may be $40 million dollars richer today after buying the winning Powerball ticket at the Lone Star convenience store on Bells Boulevard and Highway 69.

It's the first ever winning Powerball ticket sold in the state of Texas.
Store manager Larry Janning says his customers have won small prizes before, but he never imagined something this big could happen in a town so small.

The winner hasn't come forward yet, but when they do, they'll receive a lump sum of nearly $25 million. Everyone hopes it's someone from the community.

The winner has 180 days to claim the prize. They can remain anonymous by putting the money into a trust and the name of the trust would be released instead of their name.

The chances of winning this $40 million dollar jackpot were one in 475 million.

The Texas lottery generates a billion dollars a year for public education and the Lone Star Food Store will receive a $400,000 retailer bonus.