As new Denison mayor starts, outgoing Brady, Greenleaf honored

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DENISON, TX -- Denison's new mayor, Jared Johnson, took his seat for the first time at Monday night's city council meeting.

"We are willing to take on this role and give the best we can for Denison. Denison has given a lot to us and we just want to give back," Mayor Johnson said.

Johnson says the meeting went smoothly, but Monday night's gathering was really about honoring outgoing mayor Robert Brady and city councilman Obie Greenleaf.

"It's kind of bittersweet. Of course, I'm still on several boards," Greenleaf said.

"Mixed emotions, you know, it's been a long six years, and it's been a short six years. We've gotten to do some things, and some things we weren't able to get accomplished," Brady said.

Brady says Denison is in good hands and that he knows Johnson will work to do what is best for the city.

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