Blood donors help save life of one Oklahoma teen

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SULPHUR, OK -- 17-year-old Ty Kiser is a regular teenager living in Sulphur, who likes to play football, and hunt with his friends.

But unlike many other teens, Ty has a unique outlook on life..
His philosophy--live every day to it's fullest because it may be your last.
A lesson he learned two years ago.

"We decided to go hunting, me and two of my buddies right by my house one night, and my buddy was in front of me carrying a gun over his shoulder and it just went off and shot me," said Ty.

Shot in the chest, Ty was rushed to the OU Medical Center where his mother, Sissy, says he underwent emergency surgery, and when the doctor came out to talk to her, they told her they had to remove Ty's right lung.

"He said, 'I took your son's lung to save his life,' and then in the same breath he said, 'right now your son has more of a chance dying then living,'" said Sissy.

Sissy says the three weeks that followed were a constant battle.
There were days when his remaining lung would fail, and at one point his kidneys failed, but she stayed by his side all 59 days he was in the hospital, and never lost faith.

Ty lost lot of blood, and Sissy says he received about 100 units throughout his stay.
Ty says that blood is what saved his life.

"If they wouldn't have given blood then I would have died, and I wouldn't be here," Ty said.

Sissy says many people in the community supported their family by hosting blood drives and donating blood to help Ty.
She says giving blood may not seem like a big deal, but donors are heroes.

"It takes an hour of your time maybe, but it's live saving," said Sissy.

Ty says he's adjusted to living with only one lung, and his near death experience has made him look at life differently.
He and his mom say they're thankful for every moment now.

"You realize things are just things, but people are precious," said Sissy.

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