Body camera captures Celina PD arrest

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CELINA, TX - Most police departments across the country are equipped with dash-cams, but those cameras don't always capture the whole story.

Now, the Celina Police Department has equipped officers with a new tool hat allows them to record events from a very unique perspective.

In Police work, any call can go from routine to potentially dangerous in seconds.

Dash cam video, released by Celina Police Department, shows one of their officers taking down a suspect.

But there's more to this arrest.

"Well, lets look at the body cam and see what it shows," said Chief Mark Metdker with the Celina Police Department.

The officer's new body cam caught the suspect taking a swing, triggering the officer to take the man down.

"Our officer did a tremendous job, extremely professional. He maintains his composure throughout the incident. In fact if you listen, he is counseling the young man during the take-down," said Metdker.

The Celina Police Department received the body cams about 9 months ago and has equipped every officer on their force with one.

Chief Metdker said they help provide not only safety for the officers, but also transparency for the entire community.

"All questions are gone because you can actually see exactly what happened. Just like in the video, you see him wheel around and strike the officer," said Metdker.

The officer restrains the man for nearly a minute before giving the suspect another chance to comply.

According to Chief Metker, it is policy for his officers, when approaching an incident, to activate the camera.

The footage is then downloaded to a hard drive and stored in the evidence room.

"It is my first interaction with them and I will say that it's one of the best investments that a department can make for their officers, to protect them and the citizens they serve," said Sergeant Shea Scott with the Celina Police Department.

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