Body discovered on SOSU campus

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DURANT,OK---Officials are still investigating a dead body that was found on the campus of Southeastern Oklahoma State University.

"It's pretty scary man, like you don't see this kind of stuff every day." said Aaron King.

Wednesday morning police responded to a report of a dead body found on the campus of Southeastern Oklahoma State University.

"We received a report earlier this morning from our campus police office that the body of a deceased male had been found on the southeast perimeter of our campus." said Alan Burton.

"It was right here where the body was found this morning, right next to the tennis courts, right next to campus."

"That kind of scares me more because there's a dead body within a block of my house, I don't know, I wouldn't expect it in small town Durant." said Josh Gavin.

OSBI and campus police were investigating the scene all morning. News 12 was told the body is an unidentified young white male, and was not a student.

University spokesman Alan Burton says the campus was alerted early in the morning about the body.

"We notified through campus email our entire campus community this morning, that'd be our students, faculty and our staff just to let them know what had occurred this morning." said Alan Burton.

Neighbors we spoke with would not go on camera, but say that they are shocked with this happening so close to home.

"That's why it's important that we get information out just to let everyone know what's going on, that the proper investigation is being conducted." said Alan Burton.