Bomb making materials found in condemned home

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HUGO, OK -- For nearly two years neighbors say a home in the 200 block of East Bluff Street has been a busy nuisance with drugs.

Just two weeks ago the city condemned the building, but neighbors say people have been in and out ever since. Thursday a Code Enforcement Officer was checking on the home and found something surprising.

"We found a box with blasting caps in it and assorted other items that could of been or maybe intended to be used to make a bomb," said Hugo Detective Billy Jenkins.

Now Hugo Police are calling in the ATF to aid in the investigation.

We talked with two neighbors who wished not be identified because they say for two years they've been scared for their lives.

"We literally live in fear all the time of what's going to happen," said one neighbor. "I can't take my trash out without being fearful and looking around and making sure nothing is going to jump me, get me, shoot me."

"I think retribution is what they want to do," said another neighbor.

The neighbors believe watching out for each other is the only thing that has saved them.

"I always fear fearful for her to be walking for herself and yes I would carry my pistol with her and walk with her until she got safely back home," said neighbor one.

"The fear factor of them coming and breaking in, not so much that they would hurt me, but that they could hurt my dog if they could possibly hurt my dog," said neighbor two. "And that would give them great pleasure."

The home is set to be demolished March 24th, welcome news for the two neighbors.

"Elated," said neighbor one.

"We laughed and we cried and jumped up and down," said neighbor two, followed by laughter.

They say it has been a team effort between neighbors, code enforcement and law enforcement to rid the neighborhood of the nuisance.

Authorities say the neighborhood is safe for now and that they're patrolling it regularly.

No arrests have been made in Thursday's discovery, ATF agents are scheduled to arrive next week.

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