WWII-era practice bombs found in Lake Texoma

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MARSHALL COUNTY, OK -- Extremely low water levels at Lake Texoma, have uncovered a piece of history in Marshall County.

"With the lake being down, it's never been at this level for 50 years, there's things coming visible now that it would just surprise everyone," says Bridgeview marina and resort manager Ed Mathews.
He says he and a crew were re-arranging boat docks a few days ago, because of the low water level, when they made a shocking discovery.

Mathews said, "One of the men said 'you know Ed that looks like a bomb' and I thought 'give me a break' and went over and took a look and sure enough it appeared to be a bomb."

"So the next day, we called the bomb squad and they came out and we all looked at the bomb and determined that it was a practice bomb that had probably been dropped from a local airbase," says Marshall County sheriff Ed Kent.
He says they believe this practice bomb, and another one that was just found Thursday afternoon, are from the early 1950's, and are not dangerous.

Kent said, "Apparently they used to line up on the Roosevelt bridge and practice their bombing runs Apparently some of their practice bombs ended up in the lake instead of on the land."

Kent says the vintage bombs will soon be in the custody of the corps of engineers.

"My understanding is, they would fill these bombs, these shells with flour, so that when they would hit the land, they would split open and that way they could tell if they got close to whatever target they had out there," said Kent.

Mathews says he wouldn't be surprised to uncover some other treasures on the floor of Lake Texoma.

"You know, if we find a big, big pot of gold, you and I are probably not going to be having this conversation."

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