Family hopes for closure after bone discovery

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MARIETTA, OK - Family members of a missing man hope bones found near Lake Murray will help solve the mystery of their relative's death.

Jordan Buckaloo, 43, disappeared after a party in Love County last June. His belongings were later found in a wooded area near Hickory Creek.

"If Jordan can't came home and I think after this time he's not going to, then I hope it is him and the family gets to have some closure," aunt Mary Buckaloo said.

Mary Buckaloo walked near the creek Thursday and said she also found bones near where surveyors found some on Tuesday.

Jordan Buckaloo was last seen at a party on a ranch and his aunt thinks he may have had an argument with someone there. She has even heard rumors that more than one person claimed to have killed him.

"He went to his uncle's after midnight on Father's Day which was June 19 and that was the last time family members saw him," Mary Buckaloo said. "It's just been really hard not knowing where he is and they immediately start saying he was murdered -- this one did it, this one did it."

Buckaloo had a drug problem that came to a head in 2008, when he was convicted of attacking his mother and fighting two deputies who showed up to arrest him. Two summers agp, he got out of jail and worked as a welder while trying to get his life back together.

"Jordan was a very handsome and good guy I think maybe he had gone off track," Mary Buckaloo said.

Authorities have not connected the bones to Buckaloo. OSBI now has custody of the bones and will work to identify them.

Love County Sheriff Joe Russell said his office continues to look into any leads they receive in the case.

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