Bonham VFW holds first annual charity event

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BONHAM, TX - The Bonham Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4852 held a benefit for their veterans and local charities this afternoon. Participants helped raise money by floating their way across Lake Bonham.

Dozens of people were out at the Bonham V.F.W. Saturday afternoon for a unique benefit.

One that required a little southern ingenuity.

"it all just has to be man-made. It's got to be man-powered. It can't be motorized and it can't be bought. You got to make it." said Bill Robinson, commander of VFW 4852.

The Bonham V.F.W. held their first annual "Will It Float Contest" on Lake Bonham.

A benefit where participants constructed their own man-made floatation device.

Helping raise funds for veterans in the area, all while having fun.

"We support the V.F.W. hospital here in Bonham. We sponsor the Boy Scouts camp over here. And we put on various charities here all year long," said Robinson.

"Well the V.F.W. and being part of the community and recognizing people who served our country. Thus the lone star theme. Thus the American flag. All in fun, its fantastic, but at the same time it's about respect to the guys who do what they do," said team Bonham's Up.

Seven teams participated in the "Will it Float Contest."

Each team was scored on the craftsmanship of the vessel, sportsmanship of the team and team costume.

"We're new to the community and we decided if we're going to go in, we're going to go in hard. We're not comfortable being guys, so as girls we are really awesome," said team Bonham's Up

"We want to support our veterans and we thought this would be a good thing to do. Big fun and everybody showed up and its been a great day," said Crew 274.

Teams who participated this year say they can't wait for next year.

"We had a blast. We will have a different design next year. It little easier for us to float. But we will definitely be here next year," said team Bass and Gals.

"I'm starting my raft tomorrow. Absolutely. 364 days to go," said team Bonham's Up.

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