Bonham daycare owner arrested for child sexual assault

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BONHAM, TX-One of the owners of a Bonham daycare has been arrested and is facing felony charges after allegations that he molested a 4-year-old child. Victoria Maranan has been following this story since we first reported it two weeks ago.

John Karl Duncan the co-owner of Angelsafe Childcare in Bonham was arrested Tuesday by Bonham Police for aggravated sexual assault of a child. He was arraigned Wednesday. We spoke with the detective on the case and one parent who brings her child to the daycare.

"I can't imagine him ever doing that."

Rachel Barnes brought her 10-month-old son to Angelsafe Childcare several times and said she was surprised to hear about the allegations of abuse against John Karl Duncan.

"I was completely shocked. Like I said, I knew them for numerous years and they've had the daycare for as long as I've known them. Nothing like this has ever popped up before," she said.

Barnes said John and Tarran Duncan operated the daycare for more than 15 years and said she's never had a problem or had any reason to be suspicious.

"I never had any issues picking him up from Tarran's. There's never been any strange marks or scratches or anything like that," she said.

"The 4-year-old victim had made an outcry that Mr. Duncan has done some inappropriate things to her while at the daycare center."

Bonham Police Detective Sgt. Terry Bee said John Duncan was arrested Tuesday and charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child. He's in the Fannin County Jail held on $60,000 bond.

Detective Bee said they started investigating the case in April when the allegations surfaced and the listed home daycare was shut down by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

"There are two that have come forward so far. We've done multiple interviews but we're still investigating this case and it's still ongoing at this time," said Bee.

"I understand that for something this serious, the police department and everybody else does have to look into it. I do not believe he did it, I'm a strong advocate for his innocence," said Barnes.

We've tried to call Tarran Duncan several times but have received no response. Bee said they have already spoken with the Duncans and will continue interviewing children who attended the daycare. He has advice for parents looking for childcare providers.

"At least do your homework, find out where you're taking your kid. Know the people, do your own investigation as far as what's going on," he said.

Barnes said if the Duncans reopen their daycare, she will still send her son there.

Duncan is in he Fannin County Jail on $60,000 bond. Detective Bee said they will hand over the case to the District Attorney's office within 90 days.

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