Bonham police bust Lucky Spin for illegal gaming

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BONHAM, TX - Police seize dozens of electronic gaming devices from the Lucky Spin in Bonham, and more than $6,000 in cash--after the business was allegedly practicing illegal gaming.

What looks like a day care on East Sam Rayburn Drive in Bonham has actually been the Lucky Spin, a gaming room, for the past several months.

"It's basically an electronic game of chance," said Detective William Abbott with the Bonham Police Department.

But Thursday, when News 12 dropped by, Lucky Spin wasn't open for business. Their 38 electronic gambling machines are now in the custody of Bonham police.

"The main reason for seizure is illegal gaming. They were basically paying the customer in cash when it is prohibited," said detective Abbott.

He says within a month after Lucky Spin opened, they started receiving complaints from residents of illegal activity.

Abbott explains, when a person wins on one of the machines, they're supposed to be paid in the form of gift cards. redeemable for prizes, or even a tank of gas.

"If you know they are paying in cash, it really hurts the honest business men who are playing by the rules," said Detective Abbott.

Bonham resident Nelda Dixon lives near the Lucky Spin, she says she went to a planning and zoning meeting to vote against the gaming room, "It turned into drugs and money, instead of the gift certificates that they're supposed to give," she said.

Dixon tells News 12 the type of customers Lucky Spin attracted made her nervous, but she feels safer now that Bonham police served the warrant.

"They're very thorough in their investigations and they patrol this area very well, I'm very happy with them, and I feel safe because of them," said Dixon.

Detective Abbott says the investigation is ongoing, and they expect to make multiple arrests in the near future.

Each of those gaming devices costs anywhere from $300 to $1,000. Detective Abbott says if you know of any establishment practicing illegal gaming, contact the police.

We'll continue to follow this story, and keep you updated as arrests are made in the case.

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