Bonham police bust second business for illegal gaming

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BONHAM, TX - According to Texas law, you cannot receive anything of value for gambling, and Bonham Police are cracking down on gaming rooms who don't play by the rules.

Spin the wheel, try your luck at winning a prize--so long as it's not cash!

"$5 dollars is the most they can be paid, and that's going to be paid at one time, like a gift," said Bonham Police detective William Abbott.

The "fuzzy toy law" applies to gaming rooms, and states that they cannot give out prizes of monetary gain.

Detective Abbott says The Bonham Game Room broke that law, "The business was paying in cash as well as other violations."

Now, police have confiscated their gaming machines and more than $7,000 in cash. This is the second establishment they've busted for illegal gaming this year.

"I was just shocked that they were shut down, but I had always thought something was funny about the payout on the machines," said former customer Joseph Schmidt.

Schmidt says he used to frequent the Bonham Game Room, and heard rumors about illegal activity.

"Some people I had talked to before said that if you won a lot of money, you could just get paid cash," said Schmidt.

Bonham police tell News 12 they will continue cracking down on this crime trend.

"We will shut down each establishment as we establish probable cause to shut them down for illegal gambling," said Detective Abbott.

We're told the man who owned the license for these games was previously charged with illegal gambling practices in Garland.

Bonham police say they plan to file charges and turn the case over to the DA's office.

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