Bonham students to get free breakfast

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BONHAM, TX -- Some Bonham students will get free breakfast next semester. At Monday's meeting the school board approved a pilot program that will feed hundreds of students at Finley-Oates Elementary and I.W. Evans Intermediate.

Superintendent Dr. Marvin Beaty says the government refunds the school for the cost of the meals, paying a little more than the food actually costs. He says those two schools will bring in a profit of more than $120,000 dollars each year, money that will be put back into the kitchen.

Dr. Beaty says families also benefit by saving $225 dollars per child each year.

"It makes it easier for parents to get their kids up, get them ready, get them to school on time, and it's just good for kids. It's something we can be certain all our kids have had a good breakfast before we start the academic day," Dr. Beaty said.

Dr. Beaty says teachers who serve the food and custodians will also get free breakfast.

He says they plan to expand the program to all Bonham schools.

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