Bonham Animal Shelter in need of donations

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BONHAM, TX -- Bonham's Animal Shelter operates solely on donations. They use much of that money to pay for vaccines.

And since the Department of State Health Services reports rabies cases in Texas were up by 30% last year. They need all the help they can get.

"If they need medical treatment, we get together and try to get donations for things like that and we also work up here at the shelter giving them medical care," said Tashia Knowles, a volunteer.

This year, Fannin County has reported at least one rabid skunk so has grayson county.

So the shelter is focused on getting these animals the care they need, to keep them safe.

"That's what we do, we try to work together. Our main priority of our group is the animal's welfare," said Knowles.

Bonham resident Linda Kirkpartick donated $50,000 to help build the shelter which opened it's doors in May 2012 to help with the overwhelming stray animal problem.

"We worked with Fannin County for a long time and they tried and tried to put together a coalition that would make it possible for them to operate the shelter. And they just found that for the county itself, it was too expensive to do. And so time was running out, we needed to get something done, so we built a shelter," said Roy Floyd, Mayor of Bonham.

"We've always had a shelter in Bonham, we used to call it a dog pound. But we operated under ordinance. For the city charter, and city ordinance require the police department to be responsible for animal control in the City of Bonham," said Chief Mike Bankston of the Bonham Police Department.

The Bonham Police Department runs the shelter with the help of 16 volunteers like, Tashia Knowles.

"I just feel like I'm giving back to them. Everything that they give to me, I'm giving back. And they continually give you love and affection. They just relax you and make you feel good. And I want to make sure they feel good," said Knowles.

If you want to make a donation to the shelter or want to volunteer, contact the Bonham Police Department at (903)

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