Bonham has severe storm damage and power outages

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BONHAM, TEXAS -- "It started at midnight and it was just torrential winds at first," Bonham resident Terry Roberts said.

Winds that were powerful enough to tackle trees and rip off roofs.

"Then at about 12:25 p.m. I think it was, it started raining and thundering and lightning. You could see lightning in both west, east and north skies at the same time," Roberts said.

The storms took down a phone pole, tore off the roof of the high school's fieldhouse and slung car ports in front of Tractor Supply onto the shoulder of the highway. Some Bonham residents say it looked more like the aftermath of a tornado.

"We've had some winds occasionally but nothing this high," Roberts said.

Fannin County Emergency Manager Darrell Brewer says that the unusual mess is causing a distraction for clean-up crews.

"We've had a issue of sight see-ers coming through the area; going around road blocks and going down around where crews are trying to work," Brewer said.

Brewer says that people need to stay away from down power lines and debris for their safety. And also for your safety, Brewer is encouraging people to subscribe to their new code red alert system that they used for the first time last night.

"When the severe thunderstorms began moving into the area, we sent out messages to residents over the code red system," Brewer said.

If they do see storms again tonight, some in Bonham say they can't expect too much worse.

"My biggest thing is, I don't think there's much more they can take down. It's already taken it down last night. Basically, we're just going to fight the torrential winds and hope it doesn't take down our houses and our houses don't leak," Roberts said.

To subscribe to the Fannin County code red alerts, go to CO.FANNIN.TX.US and click on "code red' in the top right corner.

In Bonham, Allison Harris, First News.

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