Boswell girl hula hooping on horseback to raise money for Moore

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BOSWELL, OK -- Great circus acts usually involve impressive tricks or large animals.

But the best acts always combine the two.

Twelve-year-old Jamie Manous is doing just that.

"Like I said, I'm a daredevil," she said.

Manous is practicing her latest trick - hula hooping on the back of a horse.

"I'm always trying to try new tricks, and that was the hardest trick I've ever learned."

On Saturday she's taking the show on the road, performing in the Durant Homecoming Parade. It's a way to raise money for Moore Oklahoma tornado relief efforts.

"I didn't know what to do, and I've very good at hula hooping, so I decided to do that," she said.

Manous started developing the trick a few years ago on a pony. She recently graduated to a horse.

"At first it was scary. But then I got used to it. She's been my horse for five years," she said.

And we had to ask - does it freak mom out?

"She's got good balance, and if the horse does trip, she catches herself. We've tripped out here in the yard doing it," said her mom, Jennifer Manous.

Saturday is the first of three performances. The next one is the Boswell Homecoming Parade on June 29th, followed by the Boswell 4th of July celebration.

"I'm proud that she wants to help other people. I'm just tickled to death. But she's always out there to help somebody," Jennifer Manous said.

Donations go to the Frisco Association of Baptist Working Men - earmarked for Moore. The public can donate at each event or at the First Texoma Bank in Boswell or Durant.

So what's the craziest trick she's ever done?

"Probably jumping off my horse and keeping the hula hoop up," she said.

She did a test run of the performance at the Fort Towsend homecoming parade. But she said Saturday is a new atmosphere.

"I'm kinda nervous, because Durant's parade is probably bigger than Fort Towson's."

But she doesn't show it. Remember? She's a daredevil.

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