Boy Scouts return wallet full of money

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GUNTER, TX-Two Gunter Boy Scouts struck gold over the weekend when they found hundreds of dollars in cash while cleaning up the side of the highway.

But they didn't keep the prize.

Gunter Boy Scout, Ben Cole, spent last Saturday picking up trash along State Highway 289 with four others as part of a community service project.

"We're just picking up cups and cans and pieces of shredded tires," he said.

While filling up their bags with trash, Cole and fellow scout, Gage Davis, were surprised to find a digital camera wallet off the side of the road.

"Is there anything in it? Whose is it? How long has it been here? Is it empty? Is it worth anything or is it just trash?" Asked Davis.

The two boys went through the wallet hoping to find the ID of the owner. They also found a few bills that turned out to be $500 in cash.

"It's just a lot of money, I don't really know. I've never seen a $100 bill in my life so that's a once in a lifetime thing," said Cole.

Despite the all that cash in the wallet, without hesitation, Davis and Cole turned it in to Gunter Police.

"I think it's a great thing what they did. I really appreciate what they did and I think anyone can take a lesson from these young men who found this money and decided to do the right thing and turn it in," said Police Chief, Bryce Kennedy.

He said he's proud of the two boys' honest gesture. Both scouts said they're just doing the right thing.

"Because it's in the scout law, it says the scout is trustworthy and we want to live up to our scout law," said Davis.

"We just did the right thing, we lived up to the law," said Cole.

Kennedy said the owner is out of Lake Dallas and it's unknown how his wallet ended up in Gunter. He said they have sent a letter notifying the man that his wallet's been found.

Davis has a message for the owner.

"You're welcome for finding your wallet and I hope you use the money good," he said.

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