Marshall Co. boy critical after being hit by car

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KINGSTON, OK - An 8-year-old boy is in critical condition after being hit by a truck while riding his bike.

"He didn't have time to hit his brakes or nothing. He hit that boy and never got to touch his brakes, just boom," said David Williams, a witness.

An 8-year-old Kingston boy was flown to a Dallas hospital Thursday afternoon after being hit by a truck while riding his bike.

"I was standing in the backyard, I heard something hit, I looked up and the boy was laying right there. He hit a boy on a bicycle. Within the last thirty minutes before he got hit, he had been up here about three times," said Williams

It happened just before 4:30 p.m. in Kingston.

Oklahoma Highway Patrolman Rodney Davis said the boy was hit at the intersection of Edge Road and Bearden Street, which does not have a stop sign.

The boy suffered head and internal injuries.

"His injuries are serious and he was transported by Eagle Med to Parkland Children's Hospital," said Davis.

O-H-P said the truck that hit the boy was from Marshall County Water Corporation, a private company.

Trooper Davis said at this time the driver does not appear to be negligent but the accident is still under investigation.

He said all parents and children should learn from this accident.

"These are remote county roads. There is no stop sign at this intersection. Basically, we need children to yield to the main thoroughfares and they need to be extra cautious if they're going to ride their bicycles on county roads and public roadways," said Davis.

Williams also said more can be done to protect children and pedestrians.

"We can clear this brush to where you can see around the road and it wouldn't hurt if they put a 25-mile-per-hour speed limit around here," said Williams.

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