Thieves target Sherman Boys & Girls Club

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SHERMAN, TX - A local non-profit already struggling to get back on its feet is hit hard once again. The Sherman Boys and Girls Club is the recent victim of property theft, totaling nearly $10,000.

The ice storm last December destroyed the Sherman Boys and Girls Club, costing them tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. Now they're faced with another huge loss after they were targeted by thieves, leaving the director wondering how they'll replace the equipment for the kids.

The club has been closed and fenced off since December due to damage caused by the ice storm, but now thieves have made matters even worse.

"One of our board members dropped by the club early one Monday morning and noticed that the storage building that we had stacked up and stored in a fenced area was missing," said Mike DeLong, director of the Sherman Boys and Girls Club.

The club had dismantled a shed located on their property at 1500 block on North Luckett and planned to reassemble it once repairs were made to the main building.

DeLong says the thieves took the parts of the shed, $6,000 worth of metal, but that's not all.

"In addition to that, the brackets that hold our basketball goals up in our gym were missing, as well as an exhaust fan," said DeLong.

The total value of the items stolen was about $9,000. Since that amount is less then the club's insurance deductible, Delong says they'll have to pay replacement costs.

He says the real victims in this crime are the kids who use the club, and the theft just does not make sense.

"Well obviously we wish they wouldn't have done it. And whether it's the Boys and Girls Club or another type of business, stealing simply isn't right," said DeLong.

They believe the items were stolen sometime between March 27th and the 30th, and local police are asking help from the public.

"If anybody did see anything or have any descriptions of people that they saw maybe during that time frame or if they have a vehicle description or saw anything that was happening during that time frame, it would certainly help us and they're looking at every lead that we can get in," said Sherman Police Sgt. D.M. Hampton.

DeLong says the Sherman Boys and Girls Club is funded through grants and private donations. If you would like to help the club, click here