Boys and Girls club of Denison may soon get generous donation from DISD

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DENISON, TX -- The Denison Boys and Girls Club is one step closer to receiving a generous donation from the Denison ISD.

Kids who are a part of the Boys and Girls Club of Denison may soon have a new place to play.

Golden Rule Elementary School will close at the end of this year, but the gym and the land the school sits on could still be home to dozens of kids.

Tuesday night, the school board agreed to hold a public hearing about the possible donation of that property to the Boys and Girls club of Denison.

"The gymnasium will be left and it's still in good shape and we feel that that is the best use of our property because the Boys and Girls club of Denison, who are our students, will have a place to go," said Superintendent, Dr. Henry Scott.

Scott says the school district could save close to $25,000 by not having the gym demolished.

He says the Boys and Girls Club would get about 1.7 acres of land, and Tom Hough, with the Boys and Girls Club, says the property and space would allow them to offer more programs and activities.

"Sports camps, after school activities...and as we change the dynamic of what is happening in Denison itself, you know we're looking at the middle school being there next year so in the future it gives us the opportunity for different ways for different aged children," Hough said.

Hough says about 20 percent of their kids are middle schoolers and having more space would allow them to tailor more programs to those kids.

Both Hough and Scott say the donation would benefit the growth and development of Denison students.

"It's a win win situation for Denison schools and the Boys and Girls club and I think it's a win for our students to have that facility available to them," Dr. Scott said.

The school board must hold a public hearing before they can pass a resolution to legally donate the school gym.

The public hearing is set for the next school board meeting on March 18th.

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