Victim's mother testifies in Grayson Co. murder trial

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GRAYSON COUNTY,TX -- Prosecutors and the defense attorney questioned Brandon White's mother Holly White in the murder trial of Robert Gray Jr. Monday.

There was shouting and crying this afternoon as Holly White, the mother of Brandon White, asked for justice for her 15-year old teen who died last year, as she testified in the murder trial of Robert Gray Jr.

Both the Defense and prosecutors questioned Holly White about the ways her and her then boyfriend, Robert Gray, would restrain Brandon when he had his seizures.

She stated she regretted to cutting the sheets used to tie and gag Brandon. She said when they would tie Brandon, Robert would sit on Brandon's back, and then they would leave for 30 minutes while Brandon was restrained.

White stated she went to bed just after midnight on January 7th at 303 Monterrey Street in Denison, last year while Gray slept on a blowup mattress next to Brandon on the couch, and two hours later; Brandon was dead.

White also stated that despite previous claims from Gray that the marks on Brandon's body came from a fight with his brother the day before, and a fall from the couch; Holly stated neither event occurred.

"Very emotional. Several of the jurors in there; I've seen them wiping their eyes. I think all in all, this is a very sensitive, very sad, emotional kind of trial," said Assistant District Attorney Britton Brooks.

The DA's office believes the trial should wrap up by Wednesday.