New grocery store opening soon in Pottsboro

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POTTSBORO, TX-It's been four years in the making. Now, the city of Pottsboro is just weeks away from opening its much awaited new grocery store.

The new Brookshire's is just the beginning for the city of Pottsboro. Right now, city manager Kevin Farley said they are just finishing up the city street around the store and they are hoping the new infrastructure will help invite more development to the area.

James Goldsmith was without a local grocery store for years and after seeing the new Brookshire's along Highway 289 nearly done, he's looking forward to its opening in Pottsboro.

"I'm excited about it, I think most people are. I used to drive to Plano and coming back the Celina one, I always stopped there and I always enjoyed it," he said.

Crews were finishing up the infrastructure around the grocery store, including a new city street and a water line to the property.

"This new city street, which will eventually carry all the way over Spur 316 allows traffic coming from the north to go ahead and exit off of 289 and enter the Brookshire's property."

Pottsboro City Manager, Kevin Farley, said the project has been paid for by the Texas Department of Agriculture's $531,000 grant, which also requires both the city and Brookshire's to provide a minimum of 34 full time jobs in exchange for the funding.

With the new city street in the works, Farley said it will help invite more growth to the area.

"I think it's gonna spur some development in Pottsboro. In fact we've already had some individual looking at the 19 acres to the north here," he said.

Farley says once Brookshire's opens its doors, it will boost Pottsboro's economy by bringing in tens of thousands of dollars in revenue.

"We anticipate roughly $53,000 or so in additional sales tax revenue from this facility. Obviously we hope that's even more," he said.

"That's a good thing I think for Pottsboro and the Highway 289 is exciting because it's a direct feed in from Frisco. And I think once people discover how great the lake is out here, they will come," said Goldsmith.

Farley said they will be finishing up the rest of the city street and waterline next week.

Brookshire's will have its grand opening March 20th.

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