Bryan County Jail employees "forced to resign" if job cuts are made

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BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- Just four days after Bryan county commissioners and the Excise Board announced five jail positions will be cut, the Jail Administrator and Chief Warden Officer say they have no alternative -- but to resign.

In a statement to the media, Assistant Jail Administrator Tracy Isenberg and Chief Warden Officer Bradley Ellis say "the minimum requirements are not met with the cuts and safety is now an issue."... "numerous officers have stated to me, they do not feel safe."

Sheriff Ken Golden says the jail had 34 officers. County commissioner Monty Montgomery says with the opening of the new jail, they no longer need 34. But jail staff is concerned due to the open-bay style cells in the new jail.

Montgomery says safety is always a concern, but they must take care of the budget.

"The big thing I'd like to say is this, this is not just about the jail this is about all of the county government and you only have so much money to make a budget with," Montgomery said.

Sheriff Ken Golden did not return our calls, but reportedly told jail employees he will take care of the issue and have an answer for them next week.

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