Bryan County emergency officials prepare for tornadoes

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BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- Emergency Management officials started preparing for potential severe weather early Monday morning.

Director James Dalton said they watch the maps, radar and national weather service alerts.

"We start notifying our schools, our public facilities ahead of time," he said.

The county sent out automated phone alerts to around 7,000 people, he said.

Dalton said they first notify emergency responders and put their weather spotters on standby.

Marty Cook volunteers as a storm spotter for Bryan County. He started watching the radar first thing Monday morning.

"I know where it's gonna start, when it's gonna get here. And we try to prepare for that," he said.

He drives out to meet approaching storms as they enter the county.

"We would watch for convective outlook in the cloud layers. When the clouds start reaching the cap and breaking the cap, we could see that reaching our county," he said.

Dalton said if the Emergency Management office gets hit, they go mobile, using tablets, smart phones and vehicle radios to keep the public informed - while working out of their vehicles.

He said they use social media, phone calls, sirens and the media to keep the public informed.

"The responsibility of getting the warning goes to the individual. You can get information on the go now so much easier than you can being isolated," he said.

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