Bryan County renovates courthouse after moving offices to new annex

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BRYAN COUNTY, TX -- County officials expect the drug court to move into a newly renovated office on the first floor of the courthouse Friday. It'll be the first of many new offices to open in the building.

The County started renovating the courthouse last fall, after opening the new courthouse annex across the street.

Commissioner Monty Montgomery said they should finish up the first floor by mid-march

"Next week they'll be continuing work on the election board," he said. "Which again is on the first floor in the old treasurer's office."

And once the second floor is complete, they'll begin work remodeling the third floor courtroom, he said.

"The second floor will be completely remodeled, and then will become the new home of the court clerk's office," Montgomery said.

But ever since the courthouse annex opened, Bryan County residents have had a little bit of trouble figuring out exactly where to go. Like when they show up to pay their property taxes - and realize the treasury's office has moved.

"We got kinda settled in - and people are having a little trouble finding where we are," said Treasurer Nancy Conner.

It's now located in the courthouse annex on Beech Street, along with the county clerk and county assessor.

Conner said they've posted signs and tried to get the word out on the website and Facebook.

"A lot of people don't have access to those things," she said. "A lot of our older people. And so unfortunately they spend a lot of time wondering around."

But Montgomery said he expects everyone to have caught-on by next tax season.

"Again, we moved from the old courthouse - at which we're remodeling now - and we hope it will look as every bit as nice as this building does when we're through with our work over there."

The renovations will cost around $350,000, Montgomery said. They plan to complete the project by the end of this year.

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