Bryan County residents petition to remove new courthouse wall

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BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- Court Clerk Sandy Stroud is leading the charge against ... the wall.

"We've heard nothing but complaints since the wall started," she said.

The County is moving the election board into the south wing of the Courthouse. And they're building a wall to enclose the entire wing.

"You can see, the wall looks awful. And the functionality of it is even worse," Stroud said.

Stroud said she's worried about losing the historical accuracy of the building.

"This building is on the national registry of historic places. And since this building was built in 1917, the floor plan hasn't changed at all," she said.

Attorney Ken Rainbolt is backing Stroud in her petition to remove the wall.

"The structure itself doesn't meet any of the surrounding components," he said. "It's a cheap fix. We deserve better than that."

Commissioner Jay Perry said they want to make the election board a stand-alone office, since it sometimes stays open later than the rest of the courthouse.

He said having only one entrance is an added safety precaution and leaves the option open for an armed guard at the door.

"Even though the East door is the front entrance, the South door is the main entrance. Most of our parking is there, most of our customers come in that door," Stroud said.

She said they've gotten several hundred signatures for the petition. Some supporters even promised donations to pay for removing the wall.

"This building belongs to more than just one person or three people. It belongs to 30,000 people," she said.

Stroud plans to present the petition to commissioners at their Monday meeting.

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