Bryan County Sheriff's Office use high tech gadgets

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BRYAN COUNTY, OK - The Bryan County Sheriff's Department has been using high tech gadgets in their recent investigations.

"We're not limited to doing searches for suspects during daytime now, we can also go out at night," said Chief Investigator Nathan Calloway.

The Bryan County Sheriff's Department now has some special gadgets to help deputies do their jobs in ways other counties aren't able to.

"It helps a lot, especially just like on a manhunt or looking for a lost child or an elderly person," said Sheriff Ken Golden.

Golden says gadgets like this thermal imaging gun and their private helicopter have been used in recent investigations.

"It can shorten so much time, save lives if we're able to find these people quicker," said Golden.

The department used the thermal imaging gun with their helicopter to catch two alleged thieves in January.

"With the resources of the deputies we had on the ground and the air craft we were able to apprehend two suspects with stolen equipment on board," said Calloway.

Brian Hix and Kathleen Danford were arrested in Colbert on January 25 for allegedly stealing irrigation pipes from local farms.

Calloway says the pipes stolen were worth thousands of dollars.

"It was pretty important to us to pursue this investigation as hard as we could. We had several farmers that were having irrigation systems taken nightly," said Calloway.

Bryan County also helped Pushmataha County capture one of two inmates who escaped jail Sunday night. Callaway says their helicopter played a big role.

"If a smaller agency that has fewer man power and equipment, if they need our help we're here to help them," said Calloway.

Golden says the equipment has been obtained through the years from government surplus or through grants. He says he's proud his department has these new tools.

"With what we have, and with our capabilities, I'm extremely proud." said Golden.

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