Bryan County tests execution of disaster response plans

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BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- Emergency management is putting together a test of the county government's disaster response plan.

Emergency Manager James Dalton said they want to see how officials work together if the worst were to happen in real-life.

"What are you gonna do to counter-act what just happened," he said.

Next week all county officials will gather in the commissioners courtroom, where he'll present them with a scenario.

Dalton's keeping the scenario a secret until then to keep the test spontaneous.

"Even if the city hall or the court house, or the offices that we use are compromised, it doesn't relieve you of carrying out your duties," he said.

They picked out a real-life incident that happened in the past, Dalton said. They put a lot of research and planning into it, to keep it as detailed as possible, he said.

County Commissioner Monty Montgomery said testing disaster plans will improve the execution.

"And we know right now we aren't gonna have all the right answers, we're not gonna have all the right responses," he said. "But if we didn't, there wouldn't be a need for the training."

And he said it will keep officials thinking on their feet.

"It'll be a thought process as we go. But you've got to do it quickly in case of an emergency, and so this will help prepare us for that," Montgomery said.

Dalton said they haven't done this in years, but hopes to make this an annual exercise.

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