Bryan County veteran reunites with brother

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CALERA,OK---Two brothers are reunited after being apart for many years.

"I love my brother more than anything in the world, I mean he is the closet thing that I have got." said Alan Perry.

Alan Perry and his brother Ron are both veterans. Alan served in Vietnam for two years, Ron served in the marines for a few years but never made it to battle. When Ron left the marines in 1965 the brothers lost contact.

"In my travels months later, I was in South Carolina, and left my address book in a motel room there." said Ron Perry.

Ron would go on to travel across the country living in Chicago and Alabama for most of his life while Alan would end up in Durant where he now volunteers with the Choctaw Nation as a medicine man".

After reconnecting briefly in the 80's they lost contact again for twenty-eight years until Ron's daughter found her uncle through social media this year.

She searched for Alan on Facebook but was unsuccessful until she came across Alan's daughter, Rihanna.

"She picked up the smart phone and looked at Beverton Oregon and she found a Perry in Beaverton Oregon, but of course it wasn't Alan, and I said what's the first name, and she said Rihanna. It hit me at that time right there; you have to excuse me." said Ron Perry.

Ron called his brother the next day.

"I called him and talked to him on the phone and we were glad to know that each other was alive, because you know in thirty years a lot can happen." said Ron Perry.

Alan is highly involved with the Choctaw Nation; he's introduced his brother to it, who never knew their Dad was a full Choctaw, along with other family details.

"We're able to put these things together, and say did you know that Mom said this and Mom told me that; no I didn't know that." said Alan Perry.

Two brothers. Two veterans; separated for years, now reunited.

"I just thank the good Lord that I've lived long enough to see all of this."said Ron Perry.

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