Bryan County's new jail expansion opens

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DURANT,OK-After two years, Bryan county's new jail expansion is now open.

Sheriff Ken Golden welcomed the community to check out the new facility Thursday afternoon. The $3 million expansion will house up to 140 inmates, an extra 25 more than the old county jail.

"First of all, we're gonna have inmates closer. They'll all be in one building now, we're not gonna be transporting back and forth from the auxiliary jail, running back and forth to court for only one or two individuals. We'll have them here with us," Golden said.

"Our jobs are gonna be a lot easier. We're very excited moving into this new facility because of the cameras and the security monitors and the springs, everything, even down to the locking mechanisms in the doors, it's a lot smoother and quicker to operate from one end of the building to the next," said Assistant Jail Administrator, Tracy Isenberg.

Inmates will be booked into the new jail next week.

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