Building renovations & new plaza dedication ceremony in Ada

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ADA, OK--A six year project that included renovating several Pontotoc county buildings is finally wrapping up and finishing under budget.

Dozens of people gathered in downtown Ada Tuesday morning to celebrate the building of a new plaza and the final renovations to several buildings like the court house, the county clerk's office, the DA's office, and the jail.

"you know it's been six years since they started this project and had these ideas going and to see the renovations in the courthouse and the new plaza that's finally finished its great especially how the community came together and all the banks went together to support this " said Bonnie Keely.

Area banks loaned 18 million dollars for the project. The Pontotoc county board of commissioners said they are finishing under budget which allowed them make an early payment of 4 million dollars . They said they are hoping to pay off the loan within ten years, half the time expected, to reduce the sales tax for citizens.

"When you get it paid off the citizens from Pontotoc county aren't having to pay no more and thats our goal to get it paid off" said Gary Starns.

Sheriff John Christian said the renovations were badly needed at the county jail..

"We had mold problems ventilation problems, it just had major issues, the health department came in and said they were going to close the facility down if we didn't do some things" said Christian.

Commissioners said all renovations should be complete within the next two months.

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